Grazing Your Sensual Mind

Slowly sliding…finding your dampness…grazing your sensual mind as my fingers dip between your parting thighs…I will savor your beautiful sweetness before ravaging you beyond belief…the tip of my hardness dancing on your seductive mouth will quite soon be throbbing insatiably deep within your wanting and wet perfection…


Sunrise Seattle 1.13.19

Seattle Sunrise from 5th floor Red Lion at SeaTac International Airport: above looking due east as the sky turns color; below picture, from same vantage point panning west a bit to capture the beautiful orange glow surrounding Mt. Rainier.

…shuttle out of Seattle and headed home…couple more stops along the way 😎

Black & White Photo Art

Posting photography art – my favorite is black & white – these are not my photographs.

© Kalin Kostov


…(artist unknown)…


…Maria Grazia Cucinotta…


As an amateur photographer wannabe, I do have an acute appreciation for the amazing photographers, models, and the poses; the expressions, and the stories each individual photo tells. The creativity is infinite!

I hope you will enjoy their work as i post their creative talents and give credits whenever possible.

***as a side note: if any of the photos i post belong to you, please message me so i can add your name to the credits, and / or remove ***