We are Stories

Her robe hung loosely about her slender frame. He approached quietly, slowly, reading her still slight moves, both her hands now on the kitchen table. Her hair still out of place, the aroma of coffee filled the house. After all these years, he still found her irresistible – she was truly his goddess. Although he was quiet, she knew. She knew he was making his move; like so many wonderful and incredible times before – while never planned, they both loved to fuck early in the morning, in the kitchen, like wild animals; and then laugh later during the day at the thought of such ritual.

Slowly sweeping her hair aside, his mouth touched the back of her neck as his hands simultaneously slipped under her limp robe. His rough hands, the tips of his fingers gliding over her soft skin. She pulled the back of her robe to one side, and felt his warm hardness press firmly against her ass. His thumb and forefinger squeezed gently on her left nipple, her breasts were so sensitive to his touch, and she loved the fine line of pain and pleasure – his other hand sliding down her front, over her tummy and down….there. Her region already moist with anticipation, almost gushed as he guided his fingers skillfully about her smooth pussy; circling her swelling clit and playing at the edges of her depths. She pushed back as she shifted her legs, her body bending downward over the table, his torso finding its natural position between her. His cock hard and throbbing, she reached between her legs and gave a few firm strokes and then guided him inside. Slowly and deliberately he moved within her – pausing as he could feel her quiver – at the same time, she felt his throbbing contractions. “Play with my ass”, she purred… She knew he would, but she also knew how much he loved to hear her ask. With her one hand caressing, then squeezing hard on his balls, he plunged deep – driving her forward spread out on the table now and fucking hard and fast! (This wouldn’t be the first kitchen table to be broken; they just don’t make things the way they used to) “I’m going to fill you with my hot cum” he growled – to which she immediately screamed, “Fuck me! FUCK ME! Fill Me!! Give it to me”!

Those words- more than words; they were connected to her very soul, and it penetrated him to his core every time – like the first time – and grasping her hips he came hard! Driving his cock deep as he groaned out loudly in relief and ecstasy. This is what always made her cum. His sound. His explosion within her body, but more than that- the primal sound he emitted uncontrollably – this is what sent her mind and body into her realms of ecstasy. She could cum over and over again, usually she did orgasm before him, but never to the extent like at the end, with his sound. It was hers to have and use, a secret locked away in her memory to use whenever she wanted or needed. And, she did.

Holding her tightly now, his mind still in its fog of bliss- he pressed his lips to hers, kissing her lovingly and with admiration, both of them smiling underneath the kiss, “how would you like your eggs this morning sweetheart?”, he asked.


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