Early Summer Waterfall

Beginning of January and I’m already dreaming of summer and being on the lake; Lake Chelan, Washington. Photo above is just one of many springtime / early summer snowmelt waterfalls. This one was still roaring in mid June of last year, 2018. Lake Chelan, the third deepest lake in North America, is known for its purity and clarity. Only being fed naturally by snow melt and glacier run off. There are no large rivers feeding into the deep gorge, only small streams and little tributaries from the multitude of canyons. As far as depth, if you were to measure from the top of the high peak ranges all the way to the bottom of the lake, it would be deeper than the Grand Canyon, making it the deepest gorge in North America. The lake is over 50 miles long, and from lake level, at its deepest area, its depths plunge down 1,500 feet; which, takes the bottom to below sea level – an amazing statistic considering that the lake flows into the mighty Columbia River, spilling down a beautiful cascading waterfall itself, feeding into the river which then flows all the way to the ocean; the Columbia spilling into the Pacific, separating the two states of Oregon and Washington.



More photos and lake stories to come! 😎

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