To the dude who sent me unsolicited erotica,

I enjoyed reading this so much, it will be my first reblog on my newly created WordPress blog. As a dabbler in writing, with a certain penchant for the flavor of erotica, this writing is not only fun to read, but loaded with great tips and advice – bravo!!

…please clit – oops, of course I meant CLICK 😏 on the link (View original post) to read the entire article- well worth it.


Essa On Everything

I would love to kiss your neck so softly as my hands slide up your stomach through under your shirt to caress your breast, as my cock gets harder then its ever been with the thought of penetratingly your wet pussy, as I move my lips away from yours and slowly kiss my way down your body all the way down to your feet, while sliding off your under wear. I would slide my hands up your legs Intl your inner thighs and start rubbing clit before putting my tounge in and tasting you, occasionally slipping my tounge into your tasty ass hole. By this time I couldn’t help myself but stuff my cock into your vagina as you bite your lips and pull me closer to you. I want to **** you until I cum

First off, let me say I admire your moxie. It’s not easy to open…

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