Sunrise Seattle 1.13.19

Seattle Sunrise from 5th floor Red Lion at SeaTac International Airport: above looking due east as the sky turns color; below picture, from same vantage point panning west a bit to capture the beautiful orange glow surrounding Mt. Rainier.

…shuttle out of Seattle and headed home…couple more stops along the way 😎

Black & White Photo Art

Posting photography art – my favorite is black & white – these are not my photographs.

© Kalin Kostov


…(artist unknown)…


…Maria Grazia Cucinotta…


As an amateur photographer wannabe, I do have an acute appreciation for the amazing photographers, models, and the poses; the expressions, and the stories each individual photo tells. The creativity is infinite!

I hope you will enjoy their work as i post their creative talents and give credits whenever possible.

***as a side note: if any of the photos i post belong to you, please message me so i can add your name to the credits, and / or remove ***