To the dude who sent me unsolicited erotica,

I enjoyed reading this so much, it will be my first reblog on my newly created WordPress blog. As a dabbler in writing, with a certain penchant for the flavor of erotica, this writing is not only fun to read, but loaded with great tips and advice – bravo!!

…please clit – oops, of course I meant CLICK 😏 on the link (View original post) to read the entire article- well worth it.


Life Inverted, or ??

While life at times may seem all inverted, upside down, and out of control – sometimes that’s exactly what the Universe is gifting to us – an amazing Gift of opportunity, of experience, and of perspective. These gifts can persuade our understanding to grow, to expand, and to develop a deeper appreciation for times of calmer waters.



***(writing is mine; photograph is not. image from internet; photographer unknown)***