Heaven Is:

Heaven Is:

Heaven is here today,
And back there yesterday,
And around the corner tomorrow.

Heaven is not within stain glass windowed walls,
Nor high in the clouds,
Or even a place for the chosen few.

Heaven is in the innocent eyes of the child,
In the hands of the healer,
And in the minds and hearts of those who love,

Heaven is the expanse of all Universe(s) combined,
And is the vast ocean of a single drop of water.

Heaven is you,
Is me,
Is all whom we see,
As we participate in this infinite evolution of soul.

Heaven is not a destination to strive for,
Nor a parking lot of an endless number of harp musicians, bowing to a deity perched upon a marble throne.

Heaven is now –
And all the ‘nows’ that create every measured moment.

Heaven is your creation,
In all spaces and places you exist.

If your heaven is less than heavenly,
You, dear creator are the architect,
Create and Re-create … And RE-CREATE again,
And again – and again – and again……
There is no mold – no standard – no formula.

Heaven is: Love Unleashed.