Grazing Your Sensual Mind

Slowly sliding…finding your dampness…grazing your sensual mind as my fingers dip between your parting thighs…I will savor your beautiful sweetness before ravaging you beyond belief…the tip of my hardness dancing on your seductive mouth will quite soon be throbbing insatiably deep within your wanting and wet perfection…


The Ache


She lay there lost in thoughts. Consumed. The ache. That overwhelming innermost feeling of love, lust, passion, and craving of flesh. His flesh. His cock. She worshipped his manhood and what it made her feel inside…

Her ache now emanating from her core. Her silken panties so drenched with desire, she literally could feel him now – inside her. Her mind raced. Searching for – and finding, a moment with him. A moment she would revisit now, with him, in her mind and inside the depths of her body and soul. As her fingers graced the folds of her wetness, she could now feel him. The ache now turning to a knowing; a comforting excitement of the bliss soon to be.

The ache wanted, needed, and obsessed now for his cock. His presence, she could feel him now – his aura surrounding and enveloping her. His beautiful member pushing and rubbing all around the outside of her wanting wetness. Her hips moving to entice his entry. He, like a skilled master, firmly grasping his tool, and circling with the tip of his hardness all around her aching pussy. Tapping and teasing her clit; placing just his cock head at her weeping opening until she could stand it no more….she felt him now! Just like then!

Slowly…. so slowly (at first) he began to glide himself inside her. She felt the throbbing head of his magnificence opening her aching swollen lips. Slowly he entered her- FUCK she screamed inside her mind!!! FUCK ME!!! He could hear her silent screaming; but he persisted in the slow torture of ecstasy. She now felt him about halfway down her chamber of love – when he suddenly stopped. Purposely he stopped there to THROB for her…. testing her wetness, he could feel her readiness and insatiable need. He pulled back slowly – as slowly as he entered. Almost all the way out, the tip of his throbbing helmet easing out only slightly, moving magically to push one last time firmly upon her clit, and then moving back inside her. A little faster now, but still only halfway – she groaned and began to beg, finally in an utterance, almost growl, “Fuck Me!” Unrelenting, he pulled back one more time, and now, grasping tightly to his ass, her nails digging in to his tight flesh, she roared aloud, “FUCK ME!”

With that, he plunged himself entirely! With the full weight of his body, he thrusted as deep as he could, and as hard as he could, into her aching depths!

They fucked so hard and fast that both of them were cumming within minutes; an eruption of fluids and ecstasy.

The ache was gone… subsided…

for now…